Welcome to the Hotel Crypt

Fear Not – Msgr. Wallace is a Good Soul

The Hotel Crypt is an auxiliary entertainment room of the Inn at the Agora, Lewiston's only boutique hotel.  The Hotel Crypt is a real tomb where the original pastor and builder of St. Patrick’s Church, Msgr. Thomas H. Wallace, rested from 1907 to 2009.  To preserve its authenticity, we have not changed anything except for the addition of furnishings and a few modern comforts.

As the special guests of the late Monsignor Wallace, whose final resting place was in this Crypt, please respect His Spirit and enjoy what few hours you spend with Him within these hallowed walls by adhering to the following policies as you share this sacred space.

1)         The crypt has no bathroom – the departed don’t need one.  Therefore, the crypt is authorized to be used only for entertainment and novelty value, not as a hotel room.  ALL reservations to the Hotel Crypt must accompany a room rental at the neighboring Inn at the Agora.  When you make a reservation with our Innkeeper, Jan Barrett, she will also book you a room reservation at the Inn, which is included in the quoted price for the Hotel Crypt.

2)         The Crypt is not intended as a sleeping room.  Please return to your overnight accommodations at the Inn for the remainder of the night.  The Inn is just a few steps from the Crypt entrance.  Recommended Crypt hours:  9:00 pm – 2:00 am.

3)         Do not disturb the Spirit with excessive noise and please respect the premises by not trashing the crypt area.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone engaging in illegal or grossly inappropriate behaviors.

4)         No more than four people may occupy the crypt, such as for playing games and socializing, or for two couples alternating use of the area, but four people will NOT fit in the coffin!  All guests must have accommodations at the Inn at the Agora at no more than two per guest room.