A Unique Lodging Experience

The Hotel Crypt offers all the amenities you'd expect of a place of eternal sleep.  As our guest, you will enjoy an exclusive evening in a custom-built pine box coffin with comfortable bedding, a 32-inch LCD TV with a selection of over 60 classic horror/scary movies, a furnished sitting area within the original gated crypt, even a complementary souvenir bottle of "Bloodeaux" to round out your experience.  Come spend an evening in the Hotel Crypt and rest in peace.

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Rest in Peace

Welcome to The Hotel Crypt, the only attraction of its kind in America -- possibly the world.  In 1890, Father Wallace was the first priest of the former St. Patrick's Church in Lewiston, Maine, which opened in 2016 as the Agora Grand Event Center.  In 1907 he was laid to rest in a crypt below the church's mortuary chapel.  Today, except for the addition of furnishings and a few modern comforts, the crypt remains as Father Wallace experienced it until 2009.  It is now available to be enjoyed by novelty-seekers, adventurers, the fearful, the fearless, the believers, and the skeptics for exactly what it is: a creepy, beautiful, spooky, fascinating crypt where Father Wallace’s body decomposed for over 100 years.  His body is no longer there, but yours can be.